What is Colon hydrotherapy and how does it work?

Colon hydrotherapy, also known as colonic cleansing or irrigation, is a gentle cleansing of the colon. The colon is the large intestine, where the absorption of water, salts, or toxins from waste material happens. This therapy aims to help your body eliminate all the toxins and waste materials accumulated in the colon, to restore your gut balance.

Each session lasts between 30 to 40 minutes, depending on the patient, and uses approximately 8 gallons of water that is between 99-103 degrees F. After you are comfortably positioned on the basin a small, thin, disposable tube (less than 1 cm in diameter) is gently inserted into the rectum (in case you need it, our therapist may assist you. A possible rectal examination may be necessary to determine the correct angle of insertion). Filtered water is easily inserted in the colon utilizing controlled pressure created by gravity (1psi). This will stimulate natural muscular contraction, consequently eliminating waste. The therapist may help your intestine with a smooth abdominal massage and note that the procedure can be stopped at any time. It all happens in a private, comfortable room, where you will be assisted by one of our certified staff nurses (therapist).


Helps the detoxification process by eliminating all the waste from your colon

Improves bowel movements, reducing constipation

It is very useful for cleansing before surgery or colonoscopy,

It can relieve abdominal pain

It can help control chronic diarrhea

Before the session

Do not eat for 2 hours before your appointment.

Make sure you are hydrated and try to drink at least 2 liters of filtered water per day. Even better if it’s alkaline water, also, drink water with 1/2 fresh squeezed lemon juice if you have a morning appointment or 1-2 glasses if you have an afternoon appointment.

Avoid gas-forming foods the previous day (beans, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, onions, cucumbers, melons, raw apples, bananas, or anything else that gives you gas)

Avoid red meat, alcohol, coffee, soft drinks, wheat, and heavy carbs (e.g., white bread and pasta), and processed junk food (e.g., sugar, chocolates, chips, cakes, and biscuits).

On the day of the colon hydrotherapy, we recommend you eat light the day of your treatment. Try not to eat or drink too much for about 2 hours before your treatment.

After the session

We encourage you to drink plenty of water after your colonic hydrotherapy to help your body continue to flush out toxins and rehydrate from the fluids you lost during the therapy.

Avoid gas-forming foods for 2 days.

Take probiotics that contain bifidobacterial and lactobacilli at least 2 weeks after the treatment to maintain the balance of flora in the colon.

Eat more high-fiber-rich food and light meals like grilled or steamed vegetables, fruit (no bananas), juices, soups, fish, and chicken. Beet and carrot juices are very beneficial. Avoid eating raw vegetables 4-6 hours after a colonic.

Avoid heavy meat consumption (beef and pork) for 8 to 12 hours after the treatment. Chicken and fish are best.

Avoid strenuous exercise that day.

Your next normal bowel movement is usually 1 to 3 days after your colon hydrotherapy session.

We offer you a complimentary electrolyte drink and probiotic after the treatment to restore the minerals that may be lost during the cleansing, as well as re-inoculating good bacteria to your gut.

Detox reaction
It is very important to drink plenty of water before and after a HUGO session, as well as throughout the rest of the day and the days that follow. Drinking water helps your body to flush out toxins. It is important to note that detoxifying the body too fast, especially if there are many toxins present, can overload the body's avenues of elimination. These include the kidneys, liver, colon, lymph system, skin, and lungs. When these organs are impaired, then even mild detoxification methods can overload the remaining elimination organs. Overloading these systems can result in a detox reaction or "cleaning crisis." You may experience anything from flu-like symptoms to a skin rash. It is the body's way of trying to get rid of toxins. While ultimately, a detox reaction is a sign of a good thing, it can still be an unpleasant experience. It is much easier to get through when you support your body's normal elimination systems. When these organs are working well, and there is sufficient water and nutrient intake, then most detox reactions pass quickly and sometimes even go unnoticed! This is why it is very important to drink plenty of water and take supplements to help support the liver, kidneys, colon, and other elimination systems. Be sure to do this if you find yourself experiencing a detox reaction.

Colon hydrotherapy is not suitable for anyone with the following conditions:
Cancer of the colon or rectum

Radiotherapy of the abdominal area

Any kind of colitis

Crohn's disease


Anal or rectal fistula

Anal fissure

Inflamed hemorrhoids

Hirschsprung’s disease

Ileus (paralytic)

Intestinal perforation

Intestinal obstruction (complete or partial)

Abdominal Hernia

Rectal bleeding

Severe persistent diarrhea

Severe Anaemia

Congestive heart disease

Renal insufficiency

Uncontrolled Diabetes

High Blood Pressure

Low Blood Pressure

Age below 18 years

Taking anticoagulants


Epilepsy or history of seizures

Eating disorders

Potential side effects and complications
Our therapists will take all the safety measures to prevent any complications related to the treatment. However, colon hydrotherapy is not a risk-free procedure, so you should be aware of the possible complications that may occasionally happen.

Rare complications:

  • A tear in the rectum (perforation): Our therapists are trained and certified, and all the procedure is made cautiously to prevent this complication.
  • Infection: Only single-use disposable materials are inserted into your body. The system includes safety systems to prevent cross-infections and water contamination, so the risk of infection is minimum.
  • Dehydration: Excreting larger amounts of waste than usual can make your organism lose more water than with normal bowel movements. Drinking plenty of fluids before, and after the treatment will prevent this
  • Electrolyte imbalance: Excreting larger amounts of waste than usual can make your organism lose electrolytes and minerals. Drinking fluids that contain electrolytes will prevent this.
  • Heart failure: The infusion of large amounts of water may cause a heart failure decompensation in patients with previous antecedents or at high risk of suffering heart failure.

Occasional side Effects of colon hydrotherapy

  • Cramping
  • Bloating
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Fatigue



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